Gout Symptoms

Gout Symptoms- Is it Gout, Gouty Arthritis, Pseudo Gout or Something Else?

Gout SymptomsHow can you tell if you’re starting to develop Gout Symptoms? Gout develops after years of uric acid accumulation. This build up calcifies and causes uric acid crystals to develop in the joints and surrounding tissues. This typically develops in the big toe, but many other areas can be affected as well.

When there is a sudden painful, red, warm or hot swelling, particularly in the big toe, this is commonly caused by Gouty Arthritis. Gouty arthritis is an inflammatory arthritis, and affects many males over 40 years old. It’s estimated that Gout affects as many as 6 million people, and that number seems to be increasing.

Symptoms of gout can come quickly and severely, causing swelling and extreme pain in the affected joint. Some of these Gout Symptoms may include:

  • A warmth, mild or severe pain, swelling, or extreme tenderness in a joint, usually the big toe . This symptom is called podagra- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gout.
  • Painful attacks that can start during the night. Sometimes this is so intense, that even the lightest pressure from a bed sheet is unbearable.
  • A rapid increase in the discomfort level, lasting for hours during the night and then possibly diminishing during the next few days.
  • As the Gout Attack subsides, the areas around the affected joints may feel itchy, the skin may start peeling.
  • Very red irritated skin around the affected joint. This may look like it is infected.
  • Sometimes you can develop a fever also.
  • Limited movement in the affected joint.
  • Symptoms may occur after an illness or surgery.
  • Gout can appear as nodules, or lumps, (called tophi) on the hands, elbows, or ears. This is an accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints.
  • By the time you experience the symptoms of a gout attack, uric acid has normally built up in your bloodstream, leading to uric acid deposits that form on one or more of your joints.
  • Since Gout is a form or arthritis, some of these gout symptoms may not exist, but any pain in the joints should be closely monitored regardless.

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